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From Fry’s Instant Words by Edward Fry

This is a list of the first 100 most commonly used words—listed in frequency of order. They make up 50% of all written material. Most children learn them by the end of 1st grade.

the be an make been
of this each like called
and have which him who
a from she into all
to or do time sit
in one how has now
is had their look find
you by if two long
that words will more down
it but up write day
he not other go did
was what about see get
for all out number come
on were many no made
are we then way may
as when them could part
with your these people
his can so my
they said some than
I there her first
at use would water

10 Quick and Easy Sight Words Activities

  1. “Paint” the words with water on the sidewalk.

  2. Write sight words in the squares of a hopscotch grid. Invite your child to toss a beanbag on a word. Then he/she can hop to each square and read the word in each square before picking up the beanbag.

  3. Write words in the sand at the playground or at the beach.

  4. Have your child form words with cereal pieces, nuts or raisins before eating a yummy treat!

  5. Play “hangman” with sight words.

  6. Using magnet letters, scramble the letters of sight words and have your child unscramble them.

  7. From my friend Kim Jordano: Write sight words on cards in the shape of bugs and scatter them on the floor. Give your child a flyswatter and have them “swat” the words they can read before picking them up. (Hint: I found a frog flyswatter in the dollar bins at Target a few months back.)

  8. Keep a Magna Doodle™ in the car on trips. Write sight words and short sentences on it and pass it to your child to read then erase. Have your child write sentences for you to read.

  9. Buy your child an inexpensive wallet at the dollar store. Write sight words with a thick marker on play paper money and store them in the wallet.

  10. Lay a path of sight word cards to a special comfy chair. Have your child jump to each word, read it and pick it up. When she/he reaches the chair, reward him/her by snuggling up with a new book to read aloud.


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