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Rozanne Lanczak Williams

Rozanne Teaching

A former teacher, Rozanne still feels very much at home in the classroom. She loves to visit schools to talk about her books and the writing process. Through her fun, humorous and lively presentations, Rozanne inspires a love of books and encourages beginning writers. The story of how a book is made, along with tips for working through the editing process, are imbedded in her presentations. Rozanne ends her talks with a description of how to make an adorable blank book that she hopes students will use for their own writing! Materials are supplied.

Rozanne's diverse talents and strong commitment to early childhood education make her a welcome speaker at schools, at teacher conferences and before parent groups. She loves to share what she has learned about children and how they acquire literacy through her sometimes hilarious, often humbling, but mostly inspiring experiences as a teacher, writer, consultant, and parent.

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School Presentations for Grade K-3 Kids

"Loving Books, Reading Books,
Writing Books"

Presentations for K-2 Teachers or Parents

“From Sight Words to Fluency: Great Books to Inspire Beginning Reading and Writing”

“Making Books in the Classroom--Make and Take Workshop”

“Growing a Reader--Ten Surefire Strategies to Help Your Child Learn to Read”


Equipment Needed
for Presentations:

  1. Large table displaying materials
  2. Easel for posters, Big Books
  3. Microphone for large groups (lapel type is best)
  4. Screen and overhead projector


  • $300 for a half day, $500 for a full day in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
  • $700 a day in other California locations, expenses extra.
  • $800 outside of California, expenses extra

Materials Supplied
by Rozanne

  1. Free bookmaking activity for each child
  2. Free books for your school library
  3. Book Buddy Bag for teachers at assembly filled with a free book and great handout


For more information about these and other available author visits and workshops contact Rozanne.

Hope to see you soon!

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www.rozannewilliams.com * phone: (714) 404-9060 * fax: (562) 493-1887

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