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Hi! Welcome to my website!
Here are some basic facts about me:

I am . . .
a writer, a teacher, a speaker,
a mom of  three kids-- Adam, Christy, and Laura, and a wife of one husband, Cris.

Our family has had many many pets, including snakes, tarantulas, fish, frogs, iguanas, lizards, preying mantis, mice, rabbits, and one dog named Bingo. We now have a cute cat named Addie and a hamster named Lilly.


I have lived. . .

  • in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, where I grew up with my two sisters

  • in Pittsburgh, where I went to college and got my first teaching job

  • in Pirmasens, Germany, where I taught in a US Army school

  • And after a long drive in my VW across the United States, in Southern California where I have been teaching and writing since 1979.

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3 sisters

Here I am, "the middle child" on the right.

I live 3.5 miles from a huge city park and seven miles from the Pacific Ocean. I work out of my bright and very comfy home office.

Most of the books I write help beginning readers learn to read. So far, I have written about 188 of these books. And guess what? I also write books for teachers. These books provide fun activities teachers use to help K-2 kids learn to read and write. 

My typical day is very busy. I spend time writing, visiting schools, and taking care of my
family and house. In my free time, I love to cook, read, visit museums, and work in my garden.

Thank you for visiting me! Keep reading and writing!!

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www.rozannewilliams.com * phone: (714) 404-9060 * fax: (562) 493-1887

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